Pedagogical vision

Children have been our priority for more than 25 years!

Today’s children grow up in a world where everything is going faster and faster. We help children to prepare for this by teaching them all kinds of new skills.

Scientifically substantiated

We always translate the latest scientific insights into practice. Our pedagogical specialists play an important role in this. They support their direct colleagues in their work in the group. This is how we guarantee our pedagogical policy.

Attention to development

Ska is development-oriented instead of age-oriented. We consciously choose vertical base groups at our childcare centres. In this way the children learn to take younger children into account, and they can relate to older children. Thanks to our open door policy, the children always have enough peers to play with.

Playing together is fun and also educational. The children learn to be social with others, to work together, to share, to wait their turn… All the social skills they will need in primary school and during the rest of their lives!

What about babies? Babies can move freely within our safe environment. With special play material that stimulates them to discover.

Discovery happens in an inspiring playing environment. Children like to imitate grownups. So, at Ska, the children help out with household chores and play with real kitchen stuff. Doing it yourself and experiencing it yourself is very important to us.

Together in the world

We stimulate the children’s individuality, but at the same time teach them to be co-responsible for the group, each other and their environment. After all, we are not alone in this world.

Healthy lifestyle

At Ska, we stand for healthy development and a healthy diet goes hand in hand with that. At Ska we do not serve sweet drinks – not even diluted thick juice – or sugary biscuits, but vegetables and fruit as snacks, and tea or water with a drop of fresh fruit extract to quench your thirst.

We like to go out and explore the neighbourhood with the children and of course we often play outside. At Ska we are proud of our beautiful discovery gardens. They allow us to provide some additional exercise opportunities to the children. Because what could be more fun than running, jumping, digging and rolling around in the open air?

You learn most by playing!

View our animation, in which we explain the core of our pedagogical vision in 2.48 minutes: