Our vision on childcare

With our services we want to meet the wishes of parents: affordable, good quality care in their own neighbourhood, matching opening hours with working hours.

Varied childcare programmes, with the child as the main focal point

We try to answer every request. That is why we offer a wide range of services: childcare centre with long opening hours, small label, Pre-schools (toddler playroom ‘new style’), after-school care centre, early morning care and teens clubs.

Safe childcare

We offer children a safe environment in which to grow up; both emotionally and physically.

Social Responsibility

We want our facilities to be part of a neighbourhood network that is aimed at: childcare, social gatherings, education, relaxation and parenting support. In this way we contribute to a safe environment that stimulates children’s development and contributes to the feeling of ‘living together and belonging somewhere’.

Together in the world

The children’s centre is a community in which the children feel welcome, known and understood, have a voice and feel responsible for each other and the group. In short, where they experience that they are not alone, but together in the world!